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 In the world of materials handling, telehandlers are arguably the most versatile with functions that include forklift, bucket, crane, access platform, farm tractor and more.

Yet it is that versatility which can alter the operating parameters of a machine when switching from one attachment to another.
One leading manufacturer Merlo has developed a Dynamic Load Control (MCDC) feature that they claim eliminates the risk posed by overloading when changing from one function to another.
According to a spokesman for McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill, distributors of Merlo in the Republic of Ireland, ‘by hanging a crane jib on the front of a handler, the potential to overload a machine and the attachment in a permanent way becomes all too evident.’
‘By automatically recognising the attachment being used and by selecting the appropriate load chart, the system prevents the driver from overloading the machine or attachment or both’ he said.
Already fitted as standard to their agricultural Turbofarmer series, the feature will permit an overload only in emergency circumstances, on the driver’s specific command and only for a limited time period.
In contrast to systems that rely upon sensing rear axle loading, the Merlo method measures the payload through a load cell in the lift cylinder, the boom elevation angle and boom extension. From that, a processor calculates the load and its position in space and compares it with the load chart.
Instantly, a monitor displays the load and its position on the stability index as figures, digital warnings and in traffic light format. Another feature sees the system function as a weighbridge with the facility to display the last 20 load weights and calculate their combined weight up to just under 10,000 tonnes.
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