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 Komatsu has released details of their new upgraded D37-23 crawler dozer, first versions of which will soon be launched here by their distributor in Ireland, McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill.

Powered by a next level EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 interim emissions certified engine with innovative HST technology, the new D37-23 is smarter looking with a number of features that improve handling and comfort, reduce operating costs and deliver added productivity. A special feature is its EU stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 SAA4D95LE-6 engine. Built upon proven Komatsu technology, it delivers the same high horsepower as before with lower fuel consumption using an advanced electronic control system to manage airflow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters and after-treatment functions.
A new simplified diesel oxidation catalyst - designed for long life with no required maintenance and no scheduled replacement interval - removes soot without need for a diesel particulate filter. Other features include a new variable-flow turbocharger, direct-flow air filter, high-pressure common rail fuel injection, 16-valve cylinder head and exhaust gas recirculation that delivers precise air flow management and more complete combustion.
Operator comfort was another design priority. Features include a steeply sloped engine hood and forward cab layout that provide more room, extra comfort and better ride quality for operators while positioning them closer to the blade for improved visibility and enhanced grading ability. Large glass windows give better visibility. Air filters restrict dust ingress and viscous cab damper mounts suppress noise and vibration when crossing rough ground.
Developed as a compact and nimble worksite performer, the D37-23 handles a variety of land clearing, grading, forestry and site work applications. Long track-on-ground EX and low ground pressure PX models have operating weights ranging from 8,480 kg to 8,780 kg.  At 2,200rpm, it pushes with a net 
66 kW/89HP and delivers up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption, depending on application and working mode. A key feature is its new, more productive blade with power angle tilt. Its highly durable box structure and good curvature rolls material more efficiently. A new hydraulic blade angle switch adjusts the aggressiveness of the cutting edge.
The D37-23 has two working modes. E-mode for economy covers all general dozing, leveling and spreading applications with speed and power while saving fuel. P-mode for power covers slot dozing, ripping, uphill dozing and other applications in which power takes priority over fuel consumption. It has two gearshift modes - Variable with 20 incremental speed settings and new Customisable Quick Shift with three speed settings.
Next generation HST transmission and engine control improves operational efficiency and reduces consumption by up to 10% in power mode and up to 20% in economy mode. It delivers powerful turns, even under load. Counter-rotation delivers minimum turning radius and top class manoeuvrability in tight spots. Cab features include new controls with thumb push buttons, an air ride seat and new quieter interior that enhances operator comfort. A new large high-resolution color monitor displays all machine information. A rear view monitoring system can be synchronized with reversing operations.
Komatsu has designed the D37-23 with easy maintenance in mind. Daily engine check items are grouped at one side of the engine compartment. Engine oil can be drained at the front while a rear mounted fan makes for easy examination of the radiator, oil cooler and charge air cooler. A manually reversing fan allows for quick cleaning of the side-by-side coolers. Also standard is a feature that helps double undercarriage life.
For the first three years or 2,000 hours, the D37-23 will be supported by Komatsu CARE maintenance program while latest KOMTRAX technology uses wireless technology to monitor the machine remotely, protect against theft, record operating hours, fuel consumption and provide maintenance alerts.
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