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 Komatsu has completed the roll out of its EU Stage IV compliant ‘Dash 8’ range of wheel loaders with the arrival on the market here of their new, smaller 12-tonnes WA200-8 model.
Said by its distributor, McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill and Rathcoole, to have a particular appeal for agricultural contractors, grain wholesalers, waste recyclers and suchlike, the new Dash 8 is powered by a more environmentally acceptable engine and emissions system.
Embodying all of the recognised benefits of the previous Dash 7 version, it is designed to deliver the three-tiered benefit of higher production, reduced fuel consumption and improved operator comfort.
In every sense the entry model to the Komatsu wheel loader family, the new Dash 8 WA200 introduces a range that stretches all the way up to the WA470 and WA500 units popular amongst quarry owners and aggregates producers, and beyond to the heavy-duty, 56-tonnes WA600, generally used to feed crushers.
 Komatsu WA470-8 _1
Welcoming its arrival, McHale Plant Sales director, John O’Brien, said: “The market is recovering and quarries are buying again. From our Dash 8 series, the popular choice is likely to be the 25-tonne WA470, used to load trucks in quarrying applications.”
Boasting stability, breakout power and tractive strength, Dash 8s have the flexibility to handle materials moving, transport and loading applications, supported by the versatility that Komatsu’s range of attachments provides.
Away from construction, O’Brien sees increasing demand coming from the agricultural contracting sector where wheel loaders are gaining ground in silage making and grain harvesting. 
“Specifically, we are finding the smaller WA270 and WA320 units are proving popular with large farmers, agricultural contractors and companies employed in waste processing and recycling” O’Brien noted.
In a long list of Dash 8 features, Komatsu points to ease of maintenance, improved operator comfort and machine monitoring and maintenance support. Offering what they term ‘best-in-class access to control points’, service intervals have been lengthened and maintenance costs reduced.
Improved operator comfort comes from its larger cab, increased leg space and a heated air-suspended driver seat. In line with other Stage IV machines, the Dash 8 is equipped with latest KOMTRAX telematics and is backed by Komatsu CARE maintenance support.

Komatsu WA470-8 _2

The 25-tonne WA470-8 – expected to be the most popular Komatsu Dash 8 wheel loader in Ireland.

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