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Komatsu has unveiled its latest wheel loader – the WA200-7, first versions of which are expected to be available in Ireland from early next year.
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Distributed here by McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill, the WA200-7 is described by the company’s sales director, John O’Brien as ‘a versatile machine built for lower fuel consumption, improved operator comfort and easy maintenance’.
With an operating weight of 11.5 tonnes, a net horsepower of 95 kW (128 hp) and a bucket capacity of 1.9-2.1m3, the WA200-7 is a mid-sized wheel loader likely to appeal to farmers, builder’s yards, sand and gravel suppliers and recycling companies amongst others.
The WA200-7 comes fitted with a multipurpose PZ-linkage that combines the advantages of Z-bar linkage with parallel lift, allowing for fast pallet handling, impressive break-out force and easy bucket fill, coupled with high tilt forces designed to enhance control of heavy attachments.
EU Stage IIIB engine
Powered by a more environmentally friendly EU Stage IIIB engine, the WA200-7 uses an advanced electronic control system to better manage air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion and exhaust after-treatment delivering an improvement in fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
Responsive hydrostatic drive
The wheel loader’s electronically controlled drivetrain boasts an advanced traction control system to improve operations on soft or slippery ground, slowing the machine down when the accelerator is released and significantly reducing brake wear as a result. Control in confined spaces is also improved.
Simplified controls provide an Auto and an S-Mode, which reduces the tractive effort when traveling at low speed and offers optimum driving force. For improved safety and precision, the Variable Shift Control (VSC) allows the operator to set the speed from 1km/h up to 14 km/h, a feature Komatsu says is perfectly suited to applications such as lawn mowing or milling jobs.
Enhanced operator environment
Built to provide operators with a more comfortable and quieter work environment, the new cab on the WA200-7 features a slanted engine hood to improve rear view, a redesigned seat-mounted right hand console with multi-function mono-lever, 360° visibility, increased leg space, a heated air-suspended driver seat and electronically controlled air conditioning.
Easy maintenance
Cooling capacity is increased through a wide core radiator which prevents clogging even in dusty environments such as waste or log handling thanks to a reversible and swing-out fan which blows dust out, automatically or on demand. The “automatic reverse” function allows the operator to set the cleaning duration and the length of time between cleanings. The “swing-out” mode allows the fan to be easily cleared of any leftover debris. Large gull-wing doors allow for easy access to service points.
The WA200-7 is equipped with the Komatsu EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System), which provides enhanced diagnostic features that give the operator, and technicians greater monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.
Komatsu CARE and KOMTRAX
Like many of the other machines in the Komatsu fleet, the WA200-7 is protected by their comprehensive Komatsu CARE programme, with benefits that include factory-scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2,000 hours of operation.
The machine is also equipped with Komatsu’s own KOMTRAX technology that uses wireless technology that monitors it remotely to protect against theft, record operating hours and fuel consumption and provide maintenance alerts.
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