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Features and Benefits

  • Maximum contaminant removal capacity: 3 times more than a full synthetic filter
  • Longer life: the stacked discs in the bypass section remove soot and sludge and allow the full flow filter to perform better and longer.  
  • Greater resistance to rupture: much stronger multi-layer synthetic media compared to cellulose  
  • Better protection in cold engine starts
  • More effective filtration: decreased resistance to flow with new center tube Komatsu combination filtration provides maximum protection: up to 50% reduction in engine wear. Non-genuine filters may look similar on the outside, but there is no comparison on the inside.    

Fuel Filters  

Common rail fuel injection systems (CRI) in Komatsu machines inhibit emissions of nitrogen oxides and suspended particles. The introduction of Tier III engines has required a further 40% reduction of nitrogen oxides compared to Tier II.    

  • Designed to provide superior performance with a micron rating of 5 or below.
  • Equipped with a disposable cap over the clean side to ensure no fuel enters during the filter change.

Hydraulic Filters

Komatsu hydraulic filters are designed to resist pressure peaks and provide the optimal filtration required by our machines. Our premium quality in hydraulic filtration is best represented by the Ecowhite filter, our compact element with 100% fiberglass media. The benefits are outstanding:

  • Longer exchange intervals: 1000 hours
  • Lower service costs
  • Superior filtration thanks to 100% fiberglass media
  • Smaller element vs conventional filters: environment friendly (less waste) and easy storage
  • Easy change as the element is above the oil level in the tank
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