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Warranty And Service Information

Warranty and Machine Service Requirements

This section is to inform you of Warranty terms and Oil sample requirements (KOWA) for your Komatsu machine. Firstly I would like to explain the Warranty system outlining what is required to effect maximum Customer benefits. The Warranty period for your machine is 12 months or 1500 hours (whichever shall occur first) commencing from the date of delivery. During the warranty period specified above, McHale Plant Sales Ltd.( M.P.S. ) shall repair or replace, whichever M.P.S. may elect, any part or parts which are found upon inspection to be defective in material or workmanship. The parts and/or labour required for such repair or replacement will be provided without charge to the user by M.P.S. during normal working hours. Warranty shall not apply to such parts as tyres, filters, v-belts, cables, carbon brushes, bulbs and fuses. Warranty will not apply to defects and/or functional difficulties attributable to

  • any change or modification made to products without the prior written consent of McHale Plant Sales,
  • operation maintenance and storage in any manner not approved by M.P.S.
  • to improper repair by someone other then McHale trained personal or the use of parts or components not approved by M.P.S.
  • to the use of attachments not approved by M.P.S.

Inspection and Maintenance Service

It is a condition of the Warranty that the following services and inspections must be carried out. Failure to comply will invalidate the warranty. The first 500 hour maintenance service will be carried out by McHale Plant Sales Ltd. during normal working hours. Only parts and consumables will be chargeable for first service. The owner must contact the nearest M.P.S. Depot to arrange this service. The Owner will ensure that all daily checks, maintenance and running adjustments as defined in the Operations and Maintenance Manual for the machine are carried out.

KOWA (Oil Sampling)

The rational for oil sampling analysis is to detect any unusual deterioration or foreign debris in the compartment being tested. This allows us as your first line of support to diagnose and in some cases prevent a component failure.

Please be aware that the taking of oil samples at the specified intervals is crucial to your warranty cover. This will be to your benefit in the event of serious component failure after the standard warranty period has elapsed.

The following list is an example of the oil sampling requirements for Komatsu construction equipment. Please note that these samples should be taken and submitted at each 500hr Service

Komatsu Excavators

Each 500 hour service,

  • Engine
  • Final drives left and right
  • Slew box
  • Hydraulic

Komatsu Dozers

Each 500 hour service,

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Final drives left and right
  • Hydraulic

Wheel loaders

Each 500 hour service,

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Final drive front, left and right
  • Final drive rear, left and right
  • Front axle
  • Rear axle
  • Hydraulic

The following details when your machine oils should be changed


  • Eng. every 500hrs*
  • Slew box 2000hrs
  • Final drive 2000hrs*
  • Hydraulic 2000hrs


  • Eng. every 500hrs*
  • Transmission 1000hrs
  • Final drives 2000hrs*
  • Hydraulic 2000hrs

Wheel loader

  • Eng. every 500hrs*
  • Transmission 1000hrs
  • Final drives and Axles 2000hrs*
  • Hydraulic oil 2000hrs

* Unless otherwise stated in the Operator maintenance manual.
Note: Failure to comply with oil sample requirements will invalidate your machine warranty

Service logistics

For Service scheduling, Technical information, and all other everyday machine service related issues,your contact is:

Please allow maximum notice for routine servicing requirements

Please ensure that you quote your machine Serial No when contacting the Service Department, this will enable our Service Department to improve its response time to your query.

Service Manager
Anthony Ryan
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Warranty Supervisor
Colm Shortt
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