McHale Komatsu has your maintenance needs covered with our Fixed Price Servicing solution. We offer Fixed Price Servicing across the entire range of Komatsu equipment.

Fixed Price Servicing is a proven and effective way of assisting customers in avoiding unexpected downtime and costly repairs that are often the result of poor maintenance.

Fixed Prices are available on 500, 1000 and 2000 hour services; All Fixed Price Servicing is carried out by our Komatsu trained engineers using genuine oils and filters, Our Komatsu trained engineers will also carry out the following functions as part of our Fixed Price Service.

1. Service PM Clinic.

This clinic will carry out cycle checks on your Power train components as well as optimizing your machines work equipment and Engine.

What is a service PM Clinic?

A PM clinic is a preventative maintenance check that will highlight any existing problems with your machine.

The following checks on your machine will be carried out by our engineer:

Your work equipment cycle times will be checked to make sure that they are within specification. This check is carried out to ensure that your machine is working at optimum performance.

The following engine stall speed settings will be checked to ensure that they are within the correct parameters – Low Idle, High Idle, HST stall and Hydraulic stall.

2. Free Walk Around Inspection

A free walk around inspection of your machine will be carried out by our engineer. The Free Walk around Inspection Report will be left with your on-site representative or left in the Machine cab for your perusal.

Please contact us on the numbers below and we can quote you instantly for your Fixed Price Service, please note we can also quote you should you wish to supply your own oils.


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