In operation, timber ‘harvesters’ marketed by McHale are used within the forest to fell trees, strip them of excess bark and branches, and cut them into lengths ready for processing. A companion unit is the robust all-terrain, articulated ‘forwarder’ used to transport the cut lengths from the forest worksite to the outer boundary from where trucks will transport them to a sawmill for processing into finished wood used in house building and other applications.

The presentation to McHale was made at a pan-European distributor conference held near Frankfurt and attended by distributors from all markets in which Komatsu forestry equipment is sold, including those from Europe’s most heavily forested countries where timber harvesting is a mainstream industry. Present to represent McHale Plant Sales at the event and to accept the award were sales director, Denis McGrath, business development director, Darragh O’Driscoll, and aftersales director, Anthony Ryan.

Present to represent McHale Plant Sales at the event and to accept the award were (left to right) aftersales director, Anthony Ryan (with award); Peter Hasselryd, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Komatsu Forest AB; Dr. Jurgen Muntz, Managing Director, Komatsu Forest GMBH; sales director, Denis McGrath; and business development director, Darragh O’Driscoll.

Described by company chairman, Michael McHale as: “an award we are honoured to receive”, it recognises the work done by the company in securing a prominent market position for Komatsu forestry equipment in the seven years since being appointed to the role.

Building on the 40 years relationship that has existed between McHale and Komatsu on the construction equipment side, the award sits alongside another major international honour bestowed on them just weeks ago by Finnish stone crusher manufacturer, Metso, whose equipment they also represent.

Recognising their contribution to Metso on the marketing front – especially evident in support of their entry into the UK market – it, and the award presented by Komatsu, are viewed by McHale as being ‘immensely beneficial’ as the company advances its activities in construction, forestry, agricultural and waste management sectors and expands its operations, both in Ireland and the UK.