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New Equipment

Champions of Japan’s great manufacturing tradition, Komatsu is one of the world’s largest producers of construction equipment. Acknowledged across the world for its advanced technology, operational reliability and engineering excellence, theirs are the machines that consistently deliver results where they matter most.

In Ireland, as elsewhere, Komatsu’s focus on providing customers with the best products and support has enabled it to achieve a market leadership position. In operator-owned and rental fleets, on worksites of all magnitude and kind, Komatsu is the name that predominates 

At McHale Plant Sales, we distribute the entire Komatsu portfolio. From giant excavators to the very smallest diggers, from the heftiest dozer to the most versatile wheel loader, from dump trucks to graders, backhoe loaders and more, Komatsu has the reputation for innovation, reliability and lasting value in which shrewd and knowledgeable customers invest.

As their distributor in Ireland, the responsibility vested in us is underpinned by operational standards and disciplines that ensure Komatsu’s global reputation is upheld. It is that comforting knowledge, that intangible reassurance, upon which customers who place their confidence in Komatsu and McHale Plant Sales can rely.

Used Equipment
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