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This is a simple no strings attached customer support programme, intended to provide our loyal Komatsu customers with the best support possible, during these difficult times in our industry.

What do you need to do to become a Gold card holder?

The answer is simple!

You just use McHale Plant Sales for your machines routine service intervals at an agreed fixed price per service.  The service requirements can be tailored to suit your individual needs.  Our service support team will be happy to provide you with a quote for all your routine service requirements.

What are the benefits of being a Gold card holder?

Once you decide to use McHale Plant Sales for your Routine Service requirements, you will be issued with a V.I.P. Gold Card for each machine in the programme

All Fixed Price Services quoted have an automatic 10% discount on Parts built into the quote as well as our special Routine Maintenance labour rates. All parts used will be genuine Komatsu parts only.

As well as the discounts available for Routine Maintenance outlined above, your Gold Card will entitle you to a guaranteed minimum 5% discount on any other part you purchase directly from our Parts Depots in Dublin or Birdhill for machines enrolled in the programme.

Machine repairs

We will also apply our special labour rates for V.I.P Gold Card holders on any repair work carried out on your machines as well as a guaranteed minimum 5% discount on any part used to repair your machine.  All parts used for repairs to your machine will be genuine Komatsu parts only and will have an automatic 12 months guarantee as standard.

KOMCALL (Satellite Monitoring System)

We will continuously monitor your machine while at work via your machines inbuilt satellite monitoring system (Komtrax).  Any error code alerts from the Komtrax system related to your machine will be checked by our Technical support team.  You will be called directly on any alert that requires further investigation and our engineers will attend your machine at your request.

As a Gold Card customer you will not be required to monitor your machine for routine maintenance intervals.  We will do this for you.  We will advise you when the service is due and carry the routine service out at your convenience.

Get in Touch on 061 379112 to apply today or contact one of our representatives.

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